EVERY  DOG  -  what or who did the drums, track by track (thanks to Chris Adams for asking!) 

Track Number
      1. MR Rack (Ensoniq) triggered by my LinnSequencer (vintage 1986)
      2. Akai S950 sampler also triggered by the LinnSequencer, one of the fastest ways to work I've ever encountered, groovewise.
      3. same .  The LinnSequencer, by the way, is the grandfather of the Akai-Linn MPC-60, MPC-3000, and MPC- 2000 boxes of today.
      4. this little Univox Drum machine the size of a wallet. I gave it away later, to Harry Toldeo, a good song writer... I also doubled its 'snare' with a real one, me just standing there with the mike maybe in my other hand (an SM 57, of course!)
      5. Old Oberheim DX drum machine, with a few special chips from Sammy Merendino, and the snare was doubled with white noise from my ole Crumar DS-2 synth (my first!), and the kick drum was doubled with an explosion sample that I had put in my old Electro-Harmonix Instant Replay first generation triggered sampler fx-stomp box. (I think I'd made the explosion on the DS-2 too.) The hi-hat also triggered a Valley People Dyna-Mite noise gate, through which I had routed my B-3 track. So the organ doubles the hi-hat's rhythm pattern, but on the other side of the stereo mix.
       6. Also the old Oberheim DX ( I had made it a 'stretch' DX.)
       7. Yogi Horton played drums on this one. We were relaxin in the studio. Then later, Albert Bouchard, from the Blue Oyster Cult (now he's in the Brain Surgeons) doubled the snare the same way I did on #4...but he finally killed the snare  head ...it was on old animal skin one that belonged to my future (ex) wife.
       8. Same tiny Univox Drum machine, or maybe it was a little old Korg that belonged to Hilly Michaels. Yogi overdubed his kit on that in the studio, but we only used the snare. The whole kit was too powerful. Frankie Quinn engineered a pre-mix where we recorded this cool echo-delay effect he found, for Yogi's snare. Frankie's a drummer too.
       9. Oberheim DX? Maybe that was S950 samples, I forget.
      10. Ensoniq SD-1 synth's drum sounds and sequencer. All done in a hotel room in Paris.
      11. Hilly Michaels (he played with Ian Hunter and Mick Ronson with me, and also in Ellen Foley and in Sparks, and with Dan Hartman, and he had 2 solo albums on Warners in 1980-81). AND he's a great (record) producer. (see my book, chapter 4 or 5...) Well Hilly used to come into the studio, eat a Hershey's with almonds bar, and without having ever heard my song before, say "start recording, and signal me when the chorus is about to come." And then he played FANTASTIC drum tracks, the first time through. There was already an cheezy drum machine on that particular track that we couldn't totally erase, so that's there too.
      12. Eric Parker on drums, and Marc Rivera on percussion and bell (he took apart an office bell to play that track on, you know the kind you pound on to get someone to come to the desk in an old hotel?! )
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