TOMMY MANDEL - a discography

Bryan Adams

Anthology  2005
Unplugged     1997

So Far So Good 1993
Live Live Live  1989-94
Waking Up the Neighboors 1991
Into the Fire  1987
Reckless  1984
Cuts Like a Knife  1983
Straight From the Heart 1982
You Want It You Got It  1981


Pavarotti & Friends  1996

Dire Straits

Money For Nothing (Hits)  1988
Alchemy   1983
Sultans of Swing 1999

Tina Turner

Break Every Rule  1987

The Pretenders

Pirate Radio  2006
The Hits  1988

Get Close  1987

Joe Pesci(Vincent LaGuardia Gambino)

My Cousin Vinnie Sings 1998

Cyndi Lauper

A Night To Remember  1989

Lone Justice (Maria McKee)

Shelter   1986


7800 Degrees F.  1985


Combat Rock  1984


Nude on the Moon: The B-52's Anthology   2002
Cosmic Thing  1990

Phoebe Snow/Michael McDonald

Right To The End  1998


Do YouWanna Get Away? 1985

Ian Hunter & Mick Ronson Band

Welcome to the Club  1979
Short Back & Sides  1981
All of the Good Ones  1983
Y U I Orta  1989
New SONY Compilation 2000
RANT 2001
Mott The Hoople: Family Anthology 2005

David Johansen

In Style  1979
Here Comes The Night  1981, 2007

Sylvain Sylvain and the Teardrops

Syl Sylvain and the Teardrops 1980

Joey Ramone (R.I.P.)

Christmas Spirit In My House  2002 (Christmas Single)

Matthew Sweet
Scott Litt/ Don Dixon production 81

Nils Lofgren

Flip  1986

Peter Wolf

Come As You Are  1986

Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul

Freedom-No Compromise 1987

Kingdom Come

Kingdom Come  1988

The Payolas

Banging on a Drum  1984

John Waite

No Brakes/Mask of Smiles 2008
Mask of Smiles  1985

Rover's Return  1987

Live at CBGB's

The Miami's (with others) 1977

Tremaine Hawkins

Child of the King (piano solo) 1985


Soundtrack/Hilly Michaels song 1980

Phoebe Snow

various  1994-5   


single  1990 (never paid!)

Permanent Record: The V.B. of V.F    2005


Native New Yorker (single) 1976

Jasmine Guy
Hank Shocklee remix  1996

Bel Biv DeVoe

Hank Shocklee remix  1995

AHA-Train of Thought

Thompson/Barbiero remix  1983

The Spinners

Liggett/Barosa Production 1985

RattleSnake Hum

Peter Green Tribute (with others)  1997

Thommy Price/Kasim Sulton Band

Lights On (Epic)  1983

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<>La Place(French Rockers)

La La La 1997

(now on its way to Saturn in an EU Space Probe)
New CD - to be released by Julian Civange in 2018

Girl in the Wind 1991


Missing Piece  1997


Tough  1997


New Release  1998

Richie Sambora

Bootlegs- Tokyo Tour'98 1998

Christine Lavin

Shining My Flashlight At theMoon 1997
Don't Love Me Too Much 1996


Guitar Hero  1989

Sadistic Meka Band

Reunion  1989


No End In Sight (the very best of Foreigner) 2008
Unusual Heat  1991

Debora Blando

Different Story
Another Brazilian/NYC disc  1993-6

Ellen Foley

Night Out 1979
Another Breath 1982

Children of the World

Cleveland International Christmas Record 1981

Iron City House Rockers

Stay Tough 1981

Albert Bouchard/ Blue Oyster Cult

Imaginos 1984-6

The Brain Surgeons

Beach Party   2003
Eponymous 1996

Box of Hammers 1998
Christmas Record 2001

David Roter Method

Find Something Beautiful
Also, His Newer One (2001)

Donald Roser (Buck Dharma) and Albert Bouchard

Helen Wheels, RIP

Hilly Michaels

Calling All Girls 1980
Lumia 1982

Martin Briley

Fear of the Unknown   1981
The Mercury Years  2005

Nolan Thomas

Yo, Little Brother 1984

Yoshiuki Osawa


Fats Deacon


Mondo Boffo w/Scorpio

Wanna Be a Marine

Soap Operas' Greatest Hits

Jeff Southworth & Fran Eckert

Downs & Price



LA-NY    1989


Kirk Yano "sloppy nyc mix"  1999


Louder Than Love    1990

Pamela Rodriguez

Produced by Joe Blaney  2000


Love as Laughter

Holy 2008

David Abbinanati

Local Train to Babylon 2007

Alan Merrill

Rive Gauche 2008

Kirsten Thien

You've Got Me   2005
New Release  2009

Brady Rymer

Here Comes Brady Rymer and the Little Band that Could 2008
Every Day Is a Birthday   2007
I Found It   2006

Sleeping Naked

Poncia/Scotti CD  2008


Blaney/ 2008

Daniella Cotton

Blaney/ 2008


Produced at Joe Blaney's  2005


Beat on Beat Productions, new release 2006

Tuff Jeff Salen

Endless Road  2006

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