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This tearful love duet ends Act II of Sea of Simile, the Underwater Operetta by Tommy Mandel.
As a brokenhearted Willie swims away, Manilla, his sweetheart, begs him to hurry home soon.
By her side, The Unnamed Flyer, a radioactive  alien creature, kind of like James Dean with green skin and antennae, holds her hand and looks on in concern. Manilla's love has just melted his frozen heart; he wants Willie to join them. Only by PIPPING, and forming an intergalactic trinity, can the peaceful underwater planet of Simile be saved from his rampaging army of planetary exploiters.
Understandably, Willie is not thirilled by this prospect. He's off to Toledo,Ohio, a dark and depressing underwater forest, where he plans to swim forever amid towering sea-weed, and lament the loss of Manilla, and of his kingdom.
The singers in this short segment of the 102 minute radio-play/soundtrack, are Dee Carstensen as Manilla, Jimi Tunnell as Willie, Nancy Godwin as the chorus of Aureoles, and Tom Mandel as the newly reformed Unnamed Flyer.
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