These are the Chapters of my Book !      soon to be released

 1.High School Rockin
 3.Bon Jovi
 5.Marianne Faithful & Hilly Michaels
 6.Herr K.
 7.Prince Charles and Lady Di
 8.Clapton. . . Plant
 9.Patty Smyth at Barney Greengrass
10.Lederhosen in Munich
11.Lunch with Kurt and Whatzername
12.The Massage that Might Have Been-Bangkok
13.Ian Hunter &  Mick Ronson
14.The $12,000 Lear Jet Ride of Dave
15.Sophie, part B
16.David Byrne at the Diner
17.Dinner with Chrissie
18.Brain Surgery Explained
19.To Bruce or Not To Bruce?
21.Michael Bolton and Desmond Child
22.Jackson Browne & Darryl, Little Steven & Sushi
23.Gemini's continued (Ellen Foley)
24.With Clash
26.Joe's Opera
27.The Long Waite
28.On the Road with Adams
30.Turner and Taylor at Carnegie Hall
31.Fun Auditions I Flunked: (Winwood & Jagger)
33.Stevie Wonder
34.Richie Havens
35.Guitar Hag
36.Mami and Her Friends
37.Sarah Lawrence Daze
38.Pavarotti vs. Anita Baker
39.Where Are They Now?
40.Melanie: A Faerie Tale
41.Other Luminaries
43.Wrap It Up, I'll Take It

If you have a better title for this fabulous literary venture, e-mail me! If I use your title, you'll get 3 free copies!