PICK up up to 7 TOMMY CD's of SONGS & 'Mentals!

You can now hear a Cool virtual CD of Tommy singing some of his songs to you.
It's called EVERY DOG (as in "Every Dog Will Have His Day")
and you're bound to smile, dance, cry, and play it over and over again. Or at least once.
wanna head on over there now?
Now there's a 2nd CD of Tommy-songs,
featuring vocals by him AND some (really) good singers. . .  It's called Starlight/Watusi and you can find it and dance all night, RIGHT NOW !
#3:The Secrets of Marital Bliss (some of his youthful passion filled instumentals) are also Free & AVAILABLE (like Tommy) NOW.
#4:Tearful but Cheerful (jams over Instrumentals) is anotherNEW release. 
#5:Themes for Dreams, some of his fave instrumentals, is yet another...hunt here, you'll find it!
#6:Comfortcontains multi-styled instrumentals from the early 90's.
#7:Setsuko's Inner Journey offers nu age piano healing

These are the only FIRST in a series of CD's that will be available over the next lifetime....We've been gathering the music for a long time, so there's alot of it for you to hear. I put up all my New Synth-Instrumentals on SOUNDCLOUD!
Love ya, Tommy
PS. drop me a line when you order one. thanks.

SONG LIST for "Every Dog"

1.White Boy Music

2. The Woman Who Was Not What She Appeared To Be


4.Name It, You Got It

5. Starlight

6. Silver And Gold

7. I Remember You

8. Kin Tama

9. The Ballad Of Billy

10. Wound Up

11. Little One

12. Deeper

 The first song is a bit like Brian Wilson/Todd Rundgren.
 The second song is a little bit like Lou Reed/Johnny Cash/Dylan.
 The third song is a little like Madonna/but original.
 The fourth song is a little like Smokey Robinson/Depeche Mode.
 The fifth song is a little like Frank Zappa/The Tubes/Beach Boys
 The sixth song is a little like Fleetwoods/Adrian Belew
 The seventh song is a little like the Chic/David Bowie/Traffic
 The eighth song is a little like .... nothing you ever heard B4 !
 The ninth song is very strange.
 The tenth song is a little like Mose Allison/Dr. John
 The eleventh song is an old one of mine from 1980. It sounds classical! It's to a child.
 The twelfth song is a little like Michael Franks/James Taylor/Smokey Robinson.It was for my wife.

 Drummers and drum programming - track by track
 lyrics to the songs

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